One year on from her frightening brain surgery and Jenny McCarthy is in a good place.

The photographer has opened up about focusing on the positives in life after being reminded of where she was a year ago when a memory photo flashed up on her phone.

Jenny had a tumour removed from her brain last February after previously requiring surgery in 2011 and had a hard-fought battle back to full health.

Looking back on where she is now, Jenny is grateful at how far she has come over the past 12 months.

‘It’s funny, I was just sitting there this morning and you know the way pictures come up as a memory in your phone well a picture came up for me from this morning, from this day last year and I was in Beaumont hospital and I was after having a brain tumour removed from my head.

‘And oh my God, I got such a fright when I saw it but I just thought how far I’ve come, isn’t God good hasn’t the last year been amazing

‘I definitely wouldn’t go back to this time last year absolutely not because I was so, so sick afterwards but so many positive things have happened in the last year and I’m just so grateful. ‘

‘I’m so grateful to have my health and life is for living, life is for living and I just thank God when I saw that picture and I just thought “Jesus God love me back then,” but I’m good now, ‘ she told her followers.

Jenny followed up her inspiring message by sharing the photo that popped up on her phone.

It shows her looking wan and covered in bandages and Jenny recalled how she felt so sick when it was taken, and added ‘what a difference one year makes.’

Health woes aside there were plenty of happy moments for Jenny in 2022.

She and her hubby Martin King welcomed their third grandchild, a baby girl named Mia in May which was quickly followed by another milestone moment, her 50th birthday.

Weeks later the family were ready to raise a glass again as their son and Mia’s father Dean walked down the aisle.

The icing on the cake was the arrival of their fourth grandchild, another girl named Ella, courtesy of their son James in August.

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