We’ve finally made it to the end of another week and it’s time to escape for our nightly check-in at the Love Island villa. But avid fans might have noticed the show has been pushed back tonight.

Instead of the usual 9pm start time, Love Island will be kicking off on Virgin Media Two a 9.30pm on Friday. Yes, that means there’s another 30 minutes to prepare the sofa snacks and get the wine poured.

While we don’t mind waiting a little longer for our daily dose of drama, we have been left wondering just why we have to be a little more patient?

After all, we need to see how new bombshells Jordan and Casey are faring and whether Shaq, who had us all cheering for him earlier in the week, and Tanya have made up after the kissing challenge.

Why is Love Island on later tonight?

The reason Love Island has been pushed back is because of the rugby. Virgin Media Two is covering the Six Nations Under 20s Championship which will see Ireland begin their 2023 Guinness Six Nations journey with a trip to Cardiff to take on Wales.

Ok, fair enough. We’re all for supporting Irish sport and will be keeping our fingers crossed that the lads have a lucky meeting on the pitch.

The main Irish squad will also play Wales tomorrow, with kick off at 2.15pm and coverage starting from 1pm on Virgin Media One if you’re thinking about cheering the team on.

Love Island will be playing at the usual time of 9pm on ITV for viewers in the UK (so steer clear of Twitter if you’re avoiding spoilers!) and is only bring pushed back to 9.30pm for Irish fans tonight. It’ll be the usual 9pm slot when it continues on Sunday. Phew!

Is there a spoiler for Friday’s Love Island?

Yes there is a spoiler and by the sounds of things, the episode will be jam-packed. Shaq is set to confront Tanya about how she acted in the kissing game and get his feelings off his chest.

He tells her: ‘I get it’s a game but I felt like you thought winning the challenge was more important than respecting me.’

Tanya explains herself, saying: ‘I just want to understand where this is coming from, because I don’t understand, you’re all mine and I’m all yours. I only want you, I don’t care about anyone else.

‘I understand why you felt the way you did but it was not my intention to make you feel that way, I’m sorry for not understanding you earlier, I get it now.’

As they continue to talk Shaq asks: ‘Are we on the same page?’ Tanya replies: ‘We are, I’m just stubborn… so it takes a minute.’ Is that a slightly weird response? We’ll just have to wait and see if Tanya will stick to being stubborn or if they’ll kiss and make up.

Elsewhere Tom and Samie get flirty, as well as Kai and Olivia, and Casey finally gets his chance to make breakfast for Lana as Ron watches on.

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But the biggest bombshell is set to come when host Maya Jama arrives at the villa. She gathers the Islanders around the firepit and tells them she has ‘some very important news’ to share. Will there be a dumping?

Love Island airs tonight at 9.30pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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