Everyone in the country has an opinion on The Late Late Show, love it or hate it you have to admit the ‘young people’ on their social media team are comedy gold.

Before last night’s Eurovision special even kicked off they were ready to cause backstage chaos for the host of the show Ryan Tubridy and you have to see what they did.

Giving his followers a look at what exactly had gone down, Tubs posted a video of the horrors that awaited him when he opened his dressing room door.

Speaking the camera Ryan said: ‘This is what it’s like to be mocked by your colleagues, the young people in social. I’m going to my dressing room and we have these posters in the green room and I’ve always asked for them to be taken down because there’s too many of them and I just hate it and what have they done with the posters?’

Then it cuts to a clip of Tubs walking into his dressing room only to be met by what can only be described as a wall of Ryans. Everywhere you look there is a not-at-all-small picture of his face.

As he gives his followers a good look at the sheer volume of posters they managed to fit into the small room, the host can be heard saying over and over ‘the horror!’

‘Imagine a chamber of horrors,’ Ryan comments before adding, ‘Anyone want them?’ with a laugh. Well, he didn’t think people would actually take him up on the offer.

In the next clip, the presenter is seen sitting down and saying: ‘This is ridiculous, some people want these things. Some people actually want these things, that was a joke.’

Turns out Ryan has different plans for them, and if you see him down the beach you might want to run and grab a bag of roasting marshmallows.

‘I will be bringing them to a bonfire and I will be taking a little Zippo lighter and setting them all on fire and not out of any sense of self-loathing just a bonfire of the vanities, it’s time,’ he said.

But don’t worry the social team weren’t done with the trolling just yet, if anything it just added fuel to the fire as they kicked things up by comparing Ryan to former Eurovision star Johnny Logan when he donned his white suit for the night.

It got even worse for the 49-year-old when the show actually started when he was congratulating former Eurovision contestant Niamh Kavanagh on her killer performance he said: ‘As they say nowadays Niamh yass queen!’

The team wasted no time editing together a video making fun of Ryan showing his age comparing him to actor Steve Buscemi pretending to be a youngster by dressing up in a hoodie and saying ‘How do you do fellow kids?’

I know that doesn’t sound as funny written out like that but just watch the video and you’ll have a good giggle!

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