The Government of Canada announced Sunday the deployment of a CP-140 Aurora military patrol aircraft over Haiti to “disrupt the activity” of criminal gangs that have been threatening the country, Port-au-Prince in particular, for months.

Canada is acting as international support at the request of the Haitian government in the fight against these gangs while the police are carrying out the so-called ‘Tornado’ operation against the ringleaders of these gangs.

The Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, the area most affected by the violence, has been the scene of all kinds of violent actions, including looting and kidnappings, which have also led to increased inequality and shortages of supplies and basic goods.

The aircraft will provide “intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to enhance efforts to establish and maintain peace and security for the people of Haiti,” according to the joint statement from Canada’s defense and foreign ministers, Anita Anand and Mélanie Joly, respectively.

The aircraft, the two ministers confirmed, is already flying over the skies of Haiti and will remain in the area for the next few days.

Meanwhile, the Haitian Police reported this past Saturday that at least seven Haitian gang members have been killed and six arrested during the first week of ‘Operation Tornado’ launched at the end of last month.

The operations also resulted in the seizure of an assault rifle, four pistols and a cargo truck.


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