A new baby arrives and shakes up the very fibre of every family, so you’d have to wonder if the fact that Jeremy Clarkson has just become a grandad for the first time is he going to mellow out?

The controversial TV star is frequently in the news for his outspoken beliefs- most recently with a scathing piece he wrote about Meghan Markle, that even drew criticism from his own daughter Emily.

However, they have no doubt made up, as the 28-year-old podcast host happily announced on Sunday that she and husband Alex Andrew have welcomed their first baby into the world.

She shared her news by posting a photo from the hospital bed as she cradled her newborn daughter and the proud new mum also revealed her unique name.

She wrote: ‘Arlo Rose Andrew 1/2/23. We’re all doing really well at home and just loving this time hanging out as a family so will be back online in a little bit xxxxxx’.

The little lady is 62-year-old Jeremy’s first grandchild and arrived after a whirlwind year for her mum Emily, who had 12 months of extreme highs and lows.

In February last year, she had to endure painful surgery when she had to have screws put into her jaw and her mouth wired shut after slipping two discs in 2021.

All signs of her health woes were long gone in May when she walked down the aisle with the Irish former boyband star Alex Andrew in a stunning vintage Temperley Bridal dress.

There was also the controversy caused by her dad when he wrote in his column for The Sun that he hated Meghan Markle ‘on a cellular level’ and dreamed of her being ‘paraded naked through the streets’ and ‘people throwing lumps of excrement at her’, causing his daughter to come out and publicly condemn her dad’s remarks.

Jeremy subsequently apologised for the upset he caused, saying he was ‘horrified’.

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No doubt that now little Arlo is on the scene though, all the drama is long forgotten and all eyes are on her.

Congrats to all the family!

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