Kit Harington revealed that he and his wife Rose Leslie are expecting their second child in the funniest way… by talking about how put out their son is going to be by the new arrival.

The actors who famously met on the set of Game of Thrones before going on to marry in Aberdeenshire in Scotland in 2018 welcomed their little boy in 2021 but have chosen not to share his name publicly.

During an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Kit told the host that he was doing well before coyly dropping their baby news.

‘He’s about to get the shock of his life, which is that he’s about to get a brother or sister,’ he blurted out as the audience burst into applause.

Kit didn’t reveal when their baby is due or any other details but did confess that like many second-time parents he’s ‘terrified’ of the imminent arrival as he knows what’s in store.

‘You know with the first baby, you’re like, walking on clouds and dancing through fields and daisies for nine months?’ he told the audience before clarifying ‘well the man is anyway!’

Kit and Rose have told their son that he’s about to become a brother but he says he thinks ‘he doesn’t quite conceptually understood it just yet.’

As for how Kit and Rose are preparing for their new arrival, he said: ‘This time the reality check comes much shorter and you get practical, like, real quick.

‘We’re trying to get him ready for it, we point at Rose’s tummy and we say “mummy’s baby, mummy’s baby” and he points at his tummy and goes “my baby.”‘

Their son might be in for a shock with the new baby but according to Kit he’s a bit of a clever clogs.

‘We think he might be quite smart which is surprising because we’re both actors. We’re not quite sure where that’s come from.

‘He loves applause. Every time he does something good we give him applause and we worried that’s kind of pushing him towards acting.

‘We’re a bit like “you might be too smart for this”, you know go save the world, we’re thick we had no choice,’ he joked.

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