RYANAIR HAVE CALLED on the Department of Transport to take action after six flights were diverted from Dublin Airport due to drone sightings at the airfield.

Flights were also diverted yesterday for a short time due to a drone sighting.

Arrivals were suspended for approximately 40 minutes shortly after 2pm today, with three flights diverted to Shannon Airport and three to Belfast.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said:

“It is unacceptable that for two days in a row, passengers and flights to/from Dublin were disrupted by apparent drone activity.”

“Yesterday four Ryanair aircraft and over 700 passengers had their flights diverted to Shannon and Belfast, and again today another four flights and 700 passengers were diverted with thousands more having their flights delayed.

“Such drone disruptions at Ireland’s main airport are unacceptable. We are calling on Minister Ryan to take urgent action to protect the country’s main airport from repeated disruptions from illegal drone activity.”

It is illegal to fly drones within 5 kilometres of Dublin Airport. 

After normal flight activity could continue a spokesperson for the Dublin Airport Authority stated:

“Flight operations at Dublin Airport were suspended for safety reasons this afternoon following two confirmed drone sightings on the airfield.

The safety and security of airport users is daa’s key priority at all times & staff at Dublin Airport and An Garda Síochana remain vigilant in relation to drone activity in the vicinity of the airport.”

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