Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars in the world so if anyone is going to be a diva we’re okay with it being him.

The Top Gun actor had graced many a premiere in Ireland through the years and he got the red carpet treatment every time.

Images resurfaced on social media of him attending the Oblivion premiere at The Savoy in 2013 and fans were shocked to see a very funny accessory following him around. He kept the chill at bay by hiring a body guard to follow him around with a heater!

‘The time Tom Cruise made a fella follow him around with a space heater at the Dublin premiere of Oblivion,’ wrote one fan who shared a picture of the Mission Impossible superstar greeting fans.

Yes, he got a very warm welcome indeed as he greeted fans and accepted gifts (including a Roscommon jersey).

The Oscar-nominated actor wasn’t the only one working hard on the evening as the body guard followed behind him around diligently.

A cinema-goer who had actually attended the film screening back then weighed in on the climate of the evening.

Sharing pictures of the red carpeted event, they wrote: ‘I arrived for the premiere just after Tom Cruise that night, it was sunny and warm on O’Connell Street so that red carpet feature was a surprise.’

A host of famous Irish faces turned out on the night including Amy Huberman, Karen Koster and Yvonne Keating.

Fans were overjoyed at the photo being uncovered from the annals of Irish pop culture history.

One wrote: ‘This photo is a treasure. The face on your man. All the glitz and glamour of Tom Cruise’s presence utterly and immediately undone by the presence of two Dublin buses. Just 😙👌.’

Many applauded his genius when it came to tackling the local weather with one person calling it the ‘only relatable thing tom cruise has ever done’.

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