Any parent will tell you there is nothing worse in the world than when your child suddenly gets sick and you don’t know where to start- the nerves kick in as you go into autopilot.

Rosanna Davison had one such experience over the weekend, and the author and mum-of-three decided that it would be helpful for other mums and dads to hear about what happened- just in case they are faced with the same situation.

Posting on social media, Rosanna talked about how a relaxing sea side stroll with the family turned into a rush to get daughter Sophia seen by a doctor, as symptoms of scarlet fever took hold.

She said ‘A couple of days ago Sophia had a temperature and was complaining of a sick stomach so I kept her home from school. Yesterday morning I took her temperature and it was fine. I did feel she was a little bit quieter than her normal self but we headed out for a walk anyway.’

Rosie and her family often go for a stroll by the sea but this time it had to come to an abrupt stop, as Sophia’s mood and temperament changed suddenly.

‘She developed a flush red rash across her face, but it was her tongue that gave me a fright,’ Rosanna recounted. ‘She had red sore bumps all over it, similiar to the rash on her face, and a white coating in the centre of them.

‘She was drowsy and lethargic and developed a temperature and fell asleep and she doesn’t nap during the day anymore.’

Anyone who has ever taken care of an energetic toddler can feel for Rosanna, particularly when little kids often find it difficult to express exactly how they are feeling and indeed if anywhere or anything hurts.

Following her instinct, Rosanna made an urgent appointment with e-doc in Dun Laoghaire after speaking to a triage nurse on the phone.

Sophia’s temperature continued to soar to almost 40 as they waited in the out patient department at St Michael’s Hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with scarlet fever and gave her a 10 day-course of antibiotics.

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‘It gave me a fright I won’t lie, it was the speed with which she deteriorated that was shocking. Like when Hugo had croup last year, I just think it is so important to move quickly and don’t wait around, just keep a close eye on them.’

Rosanna kept Sophia in the bed with her overnight and like the ‘anxious mum’ she says she is, she made sure to take her temperature a few times throughout the night, but thankfully the little one is already starting to improve.

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