Heartbroken Daniel O’Donnell has sadly confirmed that his beloved sister will be laid to rest on Monday following her shocking death at her home on Friday.

It’s believed that 67-year-old Kathleen Doogan had suffered a massive heart attack, as she hadn’t been ill at all, in fact the morning of her death she had been carrying on life as normal, with errands to run as her daughter and grandkids were visiting.

Taking to social media, the entertainer wrote ‘It is with great sadness and disbelief that I have to say that our dear sister Kathleen died suddenly this morning. We are all in shock and heart broken. May her soul rest in peace. Please keep us in your prayers.’

Daniel has often talked about how close he and his sibling are, and Kathleen was the third eldest of the family.

In actual fact, it was Kathleen and her husband John, who drove Daniel to Big Tom’s Recording Studios in Castleblaney on 40 years ago this Thursday, February 9, to record his first songs that included Stand Beside Me.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Daniel said she was always one of his biggest supporters. ‘If Kathleen was in your corner you didn’t need an army.’ he said.

‘Our entire family is in shock because it was so sudden. Trish (Kathleen’s daughter) and her young children had been staying with Kathleen and her husband John for a couple of days.

‘Kathleen had been up early that morning and had given the wee ones a bath and dried their hair. She had made a shopping list and then went to wash her hair before going to SuperValu with Trish. The list is still on the table.’

Daniel and Kathleen’s close bond extended beyond family, as they worked together too. When he became one of the biggest entertainers in the country, he bought the Viking House Hotel in Kincasslagh, and Kathleen and John ran it for him.

Daniel said ‘She had endless energy and would go to the ends of the earth for me. Recently, when I said I was going to Cresslough to sing at the Mass, she was there ready for the road to take me. If I had to go to Dublin afterwards, she would go to Dublin with me, if I needed the drive.

‘Of course, if you needed to be told off about something there was no better woman, too!’

Kathleen is survived by her husband John and four children Trish, Fiona, John Francis and Daniel, her sister Margo and brothers John, James and Daniel, grandchildren, children-in-law and extended family.

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