When the Irish edition of Dancing With the Stars first dropped in 2017 we all knew it was the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Finally, we were to get an Irish high-drama, high-kicking dance extravaganza to rival the glitz ‘n’ glam of BBC favourite Strictly Come Dancing.

We’ve come a long way since the first tentative step-ball-change, and now the RTÉ1 show is a staple of our Sunday nights – and it’s provided us with plenty of glitter, gasps and giggles along the way.

Chief among the magical moments that had us rolling in our seats, was THAT unfortunate fake tan incident involving Hughie Maughan.

Reality star Hughie is known for his love for fake tan, liberally slathering himself in lashings of the stuff.

But, alas, one ill-fated night, Hughie took it one coat too far with a tantastic look that would make even an Oompa Loompa blush.

The former Big Brother contestant sent Twitter into a frenzy with his look, which had us all scratching our heads as to which brand of tanner NOT to buy.

Hughie came out after to explain exactly what went down, and it turns out it wasn’t that he went to town on the tan in a darkened room.

There was actually a far more logical explanation for Hughie’s tangoed face and it was one to which, if we’re honest, we can ourselves relate.

The hot studio lights had the star out in a sweat during the show’s rehearsal, leading him to incessantly wipe his brow.

The result? In the words of the man himself, ‘I ended up looking like a Dalmation.’

What happened next was a botched rescue attempt, as he settled upon using a foundation normally reserved for ‘African skin.’

In fact, it was the very same foundation that was used for dark-skinned singer Jamelia on The Voice.

It may have been a streak of bad luck for the hapless Hughie, but his misadventure was a reminder to us all to use caution when we’re tanning.

We’ve no desire to like we’ve gone for Fifty Shades of Spray.

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