The iconic show Fawlty Towers is returning to TV screens after 40 years off-air but just maybe don’t mention the war.

John Cleese is rebooting the adored British comedy show and he is keeping the project very much in the family.

The comedy king, 83, will be writing and starring in the update of the hit show with his daughter Camilla Cleese, 39.

The show will be revived by Castle Rock Entertainment and whispers of the plot reveal that it will follow the cynical hotelier as he navigates the modern world.

The original series centered around Basil as he tried to keep his hotel and his marriage afloat.

The reboot will focus on his relationship with his daughter whom he never knew he had and the pair will be giving the boutique hotel business a whirl.

The Monthy Python star has said that he and his daughter are looking forward to revamping the show ‘enormously’.

Producer Matthew George said that meeting the father and daughter duo was one of the ‘greatest thrills’ of his life.

He said, as per Variety: ‘I dreamed of one day being involved in a continuation of the story. Now it’s come true.’

Only 12 episodes were made of the original series which was penned by the A Fish Called Wanda star and actress Connie Booth who also played maid Polly Sherman.

It ran between 1975 and 1979 on the BBC and also starred Prunella Scales as Basil’s shrill wife Sybil and German-born British actor Andrew Sachs as the Spanish waiter Manual.

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While the tongue-in-cheek show has aged like a fine wine through the years some of the jokes haven’t exactly landed in recent times.

One of the most famous episodes, The Germans, was removed from UKTV player back in 2020 for a particularly controversial line.

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