In life, it is important to have a good doctor, dentist and even plumber to hand but there is one more profession that should be added to the list, hairdresser.

Health is your wealth but also looking and feeling good is just as important and that’s why I spend that little bit extra on my hair.

Many of you out there will agree that when your hair looks good, you feel good and that is what matters.

So, call me crazy but every couple of months, I jump into the car in the early hours of the morning and make what can be sometimes a three-hour journey each way just to colour my hair. And believe me, it is worth it.

Since I was able to afford it, I have been dying my hair. Blonde, red, black even plum you name it, I have used it. I have had some amazing styles and some questionable ones.

At one point while living in the outback in Australia one ‘hairdresser’ and I use that term very lightly, decided to style my hair. Let’s just say she used so much bleach I don’t know how I wasn’t bald by the end of it. She cut it so short that I was on the verge of nearly being called Sinéad O’Connor rather than Sinéad Dalton

I have had long hair, and bobs and even cut my hair into a boy-style shape. Yes, like so many women out there I had just broken up with someone, so I needed to be someone new.

When working in Virgin Media I met the one and only Sabrina Hill, owner of Kopper Hair Salon in Cork and stylist extraordinaire. Little did I know she would soon save the hair on my head from falling out.

I still remember one of the first lines she said to me which was ‘please let me at your head.’ Laughing I said sure why not and it was soon brought to light that my hair had orange streaks at the back. Sure, how was I to know? I couldn’t see the back of my head. I would have been like a dog chasing my tail trying to catch a glimpse.

The road to my rescue began. Dramatic, I know but at least I knew that under her wing and with the help of the girls in Kopper Salon there would be no orange.

These days it seems that everyone is in a rush. On social, in life but this was not the case when sitting in the chair. The fact that everyone is different and when it comes to finding what’s right, the girls just don’t plonk anything on your head. They go through the history of your hair and what you have done to your hair.

In other salons in the past, I would always have been nervous. Hoping not to come out looking like side show Bob. But with these girls, it’s a whole different ball game.

After examing my roots and the condition of my hair with Sabrina and Rebecca Long got to work. A full head of highlights was in order and after two hours and me sitting there looking and cooking like a turkey in tinfoil, (the usual for anyone who gets their hair dyed) it was time for toner.

Now while you may think this a lot, it is the perfect time to completely switch off and I find it very therapeutic. When do we have the time these days to slow down? After a toner was applied for the perfect blend, a root tap is done so that your re-growth is much softer and you get longer out of it.

With a snip here and snip there, to tidy the ends I was ready to go. I have never had a colour to last me so long and for someone who uses not just a straightener but a steam pod, my hair is in amazing condition.

My journey to getting my hair right began in 2018 and since then I will never look back. The colour lasts me at least four months before I head off down to the rebel county to look like me once more.

So, girls and guys if your hair is what you love, and you want to look your best my advice is to invest…even if it does mean going halfway down the country.

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