Do you often found yourself being tickled or even tormented by itches and scratches? If this is your case, then it is because your body is trying to send you a message and communicate with you. The fact is, our bodies never become tingling with scratches for no apparent reason, so there is always a deep meaning behind these somewhat annoying sensations. From bad omens, good fortune or even a sign of reconciliation, discover all the meanings of itching depending on their location!


  • The messages and meanings when we itch certain parts of our bodies
  • Why we itch for no apparent reason

Our body reflects what is going on inside us. We know, acknowledge and feel things that rarely stay buried and itching is proof of this! in any case, you must learn to listen to your body pains and understand what this means for your particular case. According to dermatologists, we all scratch fifteen to twenty times a day, without even realizing it. So, we think it’s time to take a closer look at the messages and omens our bodies want to send us.

Itching may be meaningful, but it is still unpleasant. Try to get your hands on an aquamarine stone, because according to lithotherapy, whenever this stone is applied in lotion calms all types of eruptions.

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Why do we scratch certain parts of our bodies? The messages and meanings when we itch…

  • The top of the head: A promotion or a stroke of luck awaits you. Scratching your head usually brings good luck
  • Right cheek or ear: Be prepared to receive unpleasant remarks.
  • The left eye: Disappointment awaits you
  • The right eye: You will soon meet someone, perhaps an old friend, who knows?
  • The inside of your nose: You are in a phase of grief and are having problems.
  • The outside of the nose: This area tells you that you will either be kissed by luck or cursed.
  • Mouth: Someone is dying to kiss you, or is about to do so.  
  • The left shoulder: Your day will unfortunately be bad.
  • The right shoulder: You’re going to receive an inheritance
  • The left elbow: You’re about to get some bad news
  • The right elbow: This time the news will be good
  • The left ankle: You’re going to have debts to pay
  • The right ankle: Expect to receive money
  • The right side: A loved one is thinking of you
  • Stomach (at the kidney level): If you were angry with someone close to you, it’s time for reconciliation.
  • The eyebrow: A happy omen is announced, it would even be about a rapprochement.
  • The left cheek or ear: You will receive beautiful compliments.
  • The thighs: This area represents a displacement. You may well experience a move in the near future
  • The knee: In general, people who scratch their knee will let their jealousy express itself. If it is the left one, it will be more like slander.
  • The legs: You will be pleasantly surprised
  • The sole of the left foot: You are going to make a trip at a loss.
  • The sole of the right foot: Your trip will be pleasant and profitable.
  • The left hand: An expenditure of money is imminent
  • The right hand: An unexpected cash inflow or important news is coming up
  • Fingers: This part of the body is often linked to impatience with the details of everyday life or the desire to want everything to be perfect.
  • Chest: Itching in this area means that you have high expectations of your child, the one you want to have, or your spouse.

Spiritual significance of itching: Why we itch for no apparent reason

There is no medical or obvious cause behind the appearance of a rash. Often, this tingling sensation is present when your unconscious needs to express itself. When itching is present without any medical cause, there is always a spiritual reason behind it. Spiritually speaking, and this has nothing to do with science, itching is a sign of trouble, it is an indication that something is deeply troubling you inside. 

Likewise, it indicates a desire that is not fulfilled or a feeling of anger

When you have no way to deal with your problem, it comes out of your body as an itch. Whenever your unconscious has a problem, and you try to hide the feeling, your mind finds a way to express itself because it is aware of the things that you are repressing deep inside, and when your body can no longer bear the burden, it finds a way to express it.

An itch often appears when you are hiding something

When you feel an itch, scratch it instantly and feel relief, it is an indicator that you have a conflict and the results are in line with your desire. But when you still feel uncomfortable even after scratching the area, it means that the results are bothering you.

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