Happy birthday to one of Ireland’s original and classiest models Yvonne Connolly!

The TV presenter turned 49 on February 8, with her partner John leading the well wishes on social media.

The couple, who have nine kids between them and have recently celebrated a whole decade together, keep a low enough profile these days as he works around the world as a cinematographer, while she raises her children and cares for her horses back home in Kildare.

But one thing is for sure, they are never shy about showing their love and appreciation for each other- especially on special occasions.

Taking to social media, John was the first to wish Yvonne a happy birthday as he waited til the stroke of midnight to share a gorgeous collage of his better half.

He said ‘Happy birthday @yvonneconnolly_ you’re my kind fearless beautiful girl and I love You!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍#luckiestman #smokinhot’.

Yvonne and John met for the first time in 2011 when her daughter Missy was starring in her first movie Dark Touch, but they didn’t start dating until 2013 when the movie wrapped.

Throughout the years, the couple has faced many tough occasions and helped each other through some adversity- none so much as when Yvonne was seriously injured one of her horses kicked her in the face in a horrific accident in 2019.

Speaking about the trauma of the injury, Yvonne told Ireland AM how some people couldn’t even look at her, and she struggled to keep it together- particularly in front of her daughters Ali and Missy.

‘My face was just shocking to look at, hard to look at,’ she said. ‘When I used to look in the mirror and whenever I was upset by it I couldn’t let the girls see me upset because I always tried to instill in them that beauty isn’t everything.

‘My whole life I’ve always been going “it’s all about what’s inside; be kind and nice and a lovely person” and whatever. So then I couldn’t be the person that fell apart when my face was in bits.’

Thankfully, Yvonne’s surgery fixed up her devastating injury so the former model looked like herself once more.

It’s very much a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder for Yvonne and John, as his career means he spends many months of the year on the road with different film projects.

They even had to endure five months apart due to the pandemic, with Yvonne saying their eventual reunion was an emotional moment. ‘It feels SO SO good to be reunited with my love. I ran into his arms crying like a child when he arrived,’ she said at the time.

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John turned 54 just last month, and like her beau, she created an album of happy memories they have shared over the last ten years. ‘Happy birthday to the love of my life !!!!’ she wrote. ‘You truly are one of a kind John and I’m the luckiest woman to have shared over 10 years of my life with you. So much of it spent laughing. We’ve made the best memories.’

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