An Irish man with “psychiatric problems” who can be violent is set to move from Ireland to England for “urgent” treatment.

A judge in a specialist court in London approved the man’s transfer today.

Mr Justice Peel considered the case at a hearing in the UK Court of Protection.

He was told that the man, who is in his 20s, needed a “certain kind” of treatment.

A barrister representing the HSE said the case was “urgent”.

Henry Setright KC said doctors could not find a hospital in the Republic of Ireland which could treat the man and “safely contain and protect him” but a suitable hospital had been found in England.

He told Mr Justice Peel that a judge in the Irish High Court had approved the transfer.

Mr Justice Peel, who also oversees cases in the Family Division of the UK High Court, added his approval and said a transfer was in the man’s best interests.

He considered the case at a public hearing but said the man could not be identified in media reports.

Judges sitting in the Court of Protection consider cases relating to people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Setright said the man had “psychiatric problems”, could be violent and might pose a risk to himself and others.

He said the NHS would not pick up the bill for the treatment.

Lawyers say Court of Protection judges consider a handful of cases involving similar moves from Irish to English hospitals every year.

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