Kerry Katona has backtracked after calling Molly-Mae Hague’s baby girl’s name ‘ridiculous’ and issued a public apology to the former Love Island star.

After saying Bambi Fury ‘sounds a bit ridiculous’ and only further digging herself into a hole when she added that the choice reminded her of ‘the Disney film where the mother gets shot,’ it seems Kerry has had a bit of a change of heart.

The mum-of-five had written in her weekly column for New Magazine: ‘If they haven’t registered the name yet, maybe they should consider changing it. But each to their own…’

Now it seems that Kerry has a chance to think her harsh words over and has come to a completely different conclusion about the little one’s name.

The one-time Big Brother contestant issued a lengthy apology to the new mum on Instagram, saying: ‘So, I just want to say a massive apology to Molly-Mae because I read back my OK! column and I think I’m dead funny but I’m actually not that funny.

‘I think what I say can be funny but it’s actually not and Molly-Mae shouldn’t listen to anything I’ve got to say whatsoever. Bambi Fury, first of all, no one is ever going to forget that name.’

Kerry continued to say that Bambi was a ‘beautiful’ name and could even be shortened to ‘Bam Bam’ for a nickname.

She continued: ‘My opinion doesn’t matter at all, the reason why it was in my column was because I got asked to talk about it and when I read it back, it came across as really harsh.’

Kerry added: ‘It’s a little baby for God’s sake, Kerry. Do you know what I mean?’ She later returned to her account to further discuss her comments saying that it had been ‘playing on her mind.’

She further stated that she would ‘never want to bring anyone down’ or ‘bully anybody,’ even poking fun at her own naming choices after she called her son Max Clifford after her former publicist who is now a disgraced sex offender.

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