Paul Mescal has said that his Oscars nomination has been a ‘very welcome respite’ for his family during a ‘difficult’ time.

The actor has received a nod at the Academy Awards for his role in Aftersun and will be up against Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, Austin Butler and Bill Nighy in the Best Actor category.

His nomination came at a bittersweet time for the Mescal family as mum Dearbhla had just started her prep for chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Thursday, Paul spoke about his nod and admitted that it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. He said: ‘I think it’s all a bit overwhelming, especially for my family, I don’t think anybody or even I was expecting this.

‘I always knew that I was willing to work hard but when the nominations came in and Baftas the week before, there was something kind of, something slightly absurd about it all.

‘There’s stuff going on at home that is difficult and this has given my family a very welcome respite, and we’re going to have a great time as a family. They’re all coming out to LA.’

Paul’s sister Nell had announced that their mum was starting chemo on the day Paul’s nomination was announced. Delighted Nell shared a picture of the family on a group FaceTime call celebrating Paul’s achievement on Twitter, showing a sea of chuffed- if not slightly disbelieving-faces – only to follow on that their gorgeous mum has been diagnosed with cancer.

After a series of messages about just how proud she was of her big brother for his incredible work on Aftersun, she let the world know that not everything behind the scenes is rosy.

In the bittersweet post, she wrote: ‘My mum got a haircut today in prep for her chemotherapy and then Paul got nominated for an Oscar life is so crazy.’

Her words offered a stark reader that no one knows what’s going on behind closed doors even in a highly covered celebrity’s life like that of the Maynooth actor.

Though people were congratulating Paul on his success, they made sure to offer their mother Dearbhla well wishes on her chemo treatment journey. ‘I’d say that is a great sign for your mummy on her chemo journey. Sending lots of love and luck her way!!! Paul doesn’t need luck, he’s already won!!!’ penned one.

‘Congrats for Paul, I hope your mom goes through chemo successfully,’ wrote another. Echoing this another individual commented: ‘Best of luck to your Mum. Hopefully, the good news will speed on her recovery.’

Away from Paul’s success, Dearbhla has plenty to be proud of as Nell is becoming a superstar within her own right with her incredible voice.

Nell wowed viewers and brought her mother to tears as she performed her original song Homesick on her Late Late Show debut in January. ‘I’m very proud of her and she works incredibly hard,’ she told viewers as Nell brushed away her tears.

The Academy Awards are being held on March 12 so not too long to go now until we see how the Irish fare. 2023 is a record year for Irish nods with a whopping 14 being received by Irish stars.

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