RTÉ HAS PRAISED presenter Duncan Smith as a “tireless advocate” for the planet as the show ‘Eco Eye’ on RTÉ One is to air its final episode tonight after twenty one seasons. 

The show has focused on sustainability and the environment within Ireland and beyond for the past 21 years. 

It was presented by Stewart from 2002, and more recently by a team of presenters. 

The architect and environmentalist is also well known for his other radio and TV appearances. 

Previously, Stewart has criticised the way climate change is covered by RTÉ and other media.

“Everybody seems to avoid climate change, it’s not good for advertising, its not good for ratings,” Stewart said back in 2014, “The media don’t seem to get it.”

“We need to protect our children’s future,” he added, speaking on radio at the time.


Eco Eye was an early advocate of insulation as a means of energy saving, and the show also drew attention to issues such as water quality, and air borne from fossil fuels. 

RTÉ’s Director of Content Jim Jennings has paid tribute to Stewart as a “guiding light on climate and sustainability for the past 21 years, long before it was the hot topic it has rightly become. 

“Through Eco Eye and before that ‘About the House’ Duncan Stewart and Earth Horizon Productions played a really important role in bringing issues into the public domain, promoting awareness of the challenges we are facing and also giving us insights into potential solutions,” Jennings further said. 

“We are extremely grateful to him for sharing his expert knowledge and enthusiasm with our audience,” he added. 

Jennings said that RTÉ looks forward to building on the legacy of Eco Eye as they expand their climate coverage working with Earth Horizon and “other production companies” on a “wide range of forthcoming series”. 

The final episode of Eco will air this evening on RTÉ One. 

The broadcaster recently undertook a public call for a new climate and sustainability series to replace. 

The details of this new series, which will run on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player in Autumn, are to be announced later in the year. 

Earth Horizon, the production company behind Eco Eye, has just finished pre-production on three documentaries about climate changed to be aired next year. 

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