Oh, hello You. The smash hit Netflix show You is back and it’s darker (and funnier) than ever. While our favourite serial killer Joe, played by Penn Badgley, is ready for his next outing, there’s a new face that you might recognise.

Though before we introduce you to him, you’re going to need some context. You has had audiences under its murderous spell since it hit the streaming platform in 2018.

With his smooth-talking inner monologue as he carried out heinous murders, Joe has had audiences captivated and somehow rooting for the bad guy.

Now, after the mess that was his last attempt at love that ended badly to say the least, he’s made the move to London to start a new life under a new identity, Professor Moore.

As he tries to find his feet in this new country, getting in with the elites and social climbing to his heart’s content, he meets Rhys Montrose, a possible ally on his murderous missions played by Ed Speleers, and a familiar face for some.

So who is Ed and why do you recognise his face? Don’t worry we have you covered but be warned there’s some serious spoilers ahead.

Why do I know Ed Speleers’ face?

The 34-year-old is an actor who you might recognise from his roles in Eragon, Outlander and Downtown Abbey.

Now before you break a sweat trying to remember what character he was in the drama series we’ll put you out of your misery, he was James ‘Jimmy’ Kent, a young footman.

Jimmy was a confident and ambitious young man but a little bit naive and often fell victim to his own goals getting manipulated by others on his hunt for something bigger.

He was also a painful flirt and became known for his womanising ways as he pursued kitchen maid Ivy Stuart. He ended their relationship shortly after she said she doesn’t want to go further than kissing.

Who is he playing in You?

The actor is portraying Rhys Montrose, an author who has a classic tale of rags to riches after releasing his acclaimed memoir that people couldn’t put down.

Okay so maybe not a fully classic tale of rags to riches, he was born into poverty but somehow came into money allowing him to weasel his way into the high life of the upper-class London crowd.

And what does every wealthy man with notions do? Try to run for office that’s what! For God’s sake, we saw it play out with Donald Trump so why not throw it into You?

What’s unique about his character is that, unlike the other people who win Joe’s favour in the show, Rhys is a man that the serial killer confesses he doesn’t hate.’

Of course, it can’t be as straight forward as Joe-makes-a-bestie, that’s not much of a plot for the thriller is it? No, Joe will find himself entangled in a who-done-it story involving his newfound friends.

A murderer branded the Eat The Rich Killer is shrinking his new found social circle one victim at a time and whoever it is seems to know about Joe’s blood-soaked past, pointing the finger at him for the new crimes.

Can Joe trust his new pal or is the killer about to get killed?

What has Ed said about his new role?

The father-of-two said in an interview with PEOPLE that the role has taken him out of his ‘comfort zone’ but he believes it’s important to get inside the head of a character type he’s not used to.

‘I feel it’s important for me to always take myself out of my comfort zone when taking on a part or trying to understand someone else and trying to get in their way of thinking and how they operate,’ Ed explained.

He said that he enjoyed the freedom that came with playing Rhys, saying that although it wasn’t ‘easy’ he doesn’t like when things are.

He added ‘The more you get your head around these sorts of people, the more you can actually just start flexing around and actually really relish all their mannerisms and characteristics.’

Part one of You’s fourth season is available to stream now on Netflix with part two coming on the ninth of March.

See more pics from You below:

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