If you don’t like seeing the mistreatment of a pint you might want to look away now! Love Island stars Chloe Burrows and Millie Court have enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Dublin and well, their Guinness drinking skills are a bit of a mess.

Before the girls even made it to the pub they decided to enjoy a bottle of prosecco at the airport because it is even a trip away with your bestie if you don’t?

When they did reach the Emerald Isle, after an obligatory plane selfie of course, they wasted no time getting dressed up and heading into the city.

They visited Temple Bar where things started to go a little south, at least for those passionate about a pint of Guinness, as the duo didn’t seem to know how to drink one.

Chloe shared a video of the two of them, very unsettled pints in hand, going in for a first sip. And we mean very unsettled, there was basically an ombre effect going on in their glasses.

As Chloe called out ‘cheers!’ they went in for a first taste and well, their reactions were exactly what you would expect! Millie looked disgusted and her pal just seemed confused by the experience.

‘It’s not bad,’ Chloe commented although she didn’t sound like she believed what she was saying while Millie seemed to be more certain of her opinion stating ‘it’s not great though is it?’ Finally, deciding to be honest to the camera, Chloe simply exclaimed ‘horrible!’

Well, when your pint looks as parted as the Red Sea was by Moses it’s not really been given a fighting chance now has it? But in all fairness to the ladies, Guinness is an acquired taste so we’re not going to ban them from the country just yet!

The girls spent the night singing along to Oasis, Kate Bush and Elton John in the pub before they had to cut their trip short and head back to the UK as a big opportunity awaited them…They were invited to the Brits!

So after a crazy night in the capital, the self-confessed hungover duo had to board a flight back home. We can’t wait to see what last-minute looks they pull together for the awards on Saturday night.

The Brits never fail to impress and last year Maura Higgins got three cheers from us for her very relatable end to the night.

See pics from this year’s Love Island in the gallery below:

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