As things start to get chilly out once again (like seriously what’s with that, hasn’t spring sprung yet?) we need something to warm our cold hearts.

Well then, thank goodness for Pippa O’Connor and Arthur Gourounlian’s babies Billy and Blake as they shared the sweetest goodbye that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The two tiny tots had to bid farewell to each other at the end of a long day hanging out and proud mum Pippa, who is also Blake’s godmother, got the tender moment on camera when they said goodbye.

In the heartwarming clip, Billy seems to understand that baby Blake is younger than him and so despite not wanting to see her go, he stays very gentle and lightly places his hands on her shoulders as Arthur holds her up.

It’s clear that Blake doesn’t want to go yet either as she kicks her tiny feet around while Billy tries to keep her there for just a bit longer. The moment was so sweet we think we all have cavities now.

It didn’t help that both tots looked absolutely adorable. Blake was dressed in a red teddy bear jumper and navy bottoms while Pippa’s youngest was rocking a giraffe print set, as You’ve Got a Friend in Me played in the background.

The moment only got better when Pippa’s mini-me stood at the door waving Arthur and Blake off. It seemed the dad and DWTS judge couldn’t take the cuteness either as he ran back to give the little man a high-five.

Pippa captioned the tender moment ‘Ciao for now’ followed by a bear, heart hands and love heart emoji. No doubt the baby duo will get back together soon (whether they want to or not!) as their parents are great friends. All we hope for is more adorable content!

Arthur has been flying solo with his daughter this week as his husband Brian Dowling has been away in New York with his sister and the lady that carried Blake for the couple, Aoife.

Though no doubt the brother and sister had a great time together, Brian was eager to get home especially after watching the video of his daughter and Billy in the airport.

He got in this morning and according to Arthur was sleeping soundly with Blake, giving the dancer a well-deserved break after the last few days!

See more pictures in the gallery below:

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