Businesswoman Sarah Newman once had it all; a successful career, a loving relationship with Kilkenny hurler DJ Carey, a seven-bedroom mansion with one of Dublin’s most exclusive addresses on Shrewsbury Road and a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps.

The entrepreneur and former Dragon on the hit RTÉ show Dragon’s Den sold the business she founded back in the 1990’s,, back in 2006 for a rumoured €50m.

However, over the next twenty years, Sarah had to endure many setbacks that could have ruined her including bankruptcy, a divorce followed by the very public breakdown of her engagement to DJ and serious health battles including a stroke, depression and long Covid.

But things have finally turned a corner for Sarah, who has found love with millionaire Lord Henry Digby, the Baron of Offaly, and has moved in to help him run his vast estate in the UK.

Lord Digby’s family and Winston Churchill’s families have owned the spectacular Minterne House in Dorset for centuries, the gardens of which are said to be among the finest in all of Britain.

It’s set on 1,600 acres of land and was once the home of Winston Churchill. Some of his family’s original tapestries and furniture are still in the house.

Some historic artefacts from Lord Digby’s family are also kept there, including letters, paintings and prizes that his ancestor who was a captain of the HMS Africa during the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

His father Lord Edward Digby was a supporter of Julian Fellowes, the man behind Downton Abbey, who was accused of ‘over-glamourising’ the lives of servants, telling the Daily Telegraph that people often told him their grandmothers loved working as a servant for his family.

Sarah really is the definition of resilience, after overcoming some extremely turbulent times.

She previously spoke to EVOKE about how she doesn’t regret losing her own personal fortune or indeed how she spent her money. But a ‘deep depression’ followed her bankruptcy in 2016, and the end of her relationship with DJ Carey.

When their relationship ended, she was running a company called DJ Carey Enterprises with the nine-time All Star hurler, and at the time she had to give a statement to the gardaí about her ex’s sister, convicted fraudster Catriona Carey.

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It’s believed that Sarah and Lord Digby have been an item for well over a year now, and she has moved to his estate in Dorset to be with him.

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