Viewers praised Roz Purcell for how she navigated Tommy Tiernan’s interview about her battles with eating disorders during her 20s.

The fitness influencer didn’t hold back as she spoke about her experiences with bulimia, anorexia and binge eating and the comedian was branded as ‘harsh’ for pressing her for more information.

During the frank discussion, she told Tommy that she decided to quit modelling at the age of 24 as her struggles with various eating disorders were placing a huge stress on her health, both mentally and physically.

She detailed that her whole world revolved around her weight at the time and that she battled eating disorders for four or five years.

Speaking of the all-consuming nature of it, the 32-year-old Tipperary content creator said: ‘It was a huge part of me and the thoughts of giving it up felt like I was giving away a part of me.’

She explained that it took such a controlling grip of her life that she couldn’t maintain proper relationships. ‘There couldn’t be anything else really going on in your life. Because everything revolved around punishing your body to be a certain size and certain weight.’

Then, Tommy asked her to go through the practicalities of day-to-day life and Roz cut him off.

Roz refused to go into the nitty-gritty details, as she said: ‘I don’t know do I add any value to the conversation by discussing that because there’s going to be a lot of teenagers watching who might try to emulate that.’

Viewers of the show were all left with an unanimous uncomfortable feeling following the interview as they felt that the segment was an ‘awkward’ move from the comic.

Roz was praised for her honesty about her eating disorder experience by a tonne of viewers, including Joanne McNally.

The My Therapist Ghosted Me podcaster had previously given a raw account about her fight with bulimia where she revealed that she used to sleep in her office so she could binge and purge when her co-workers had left for the day.

Commending Roz on the powerful interview, Joanne wrote: ‘Oh @rozannapurcell this is such a good interview and I feel you,’ she wrote and she added a string of love heart emojis.

Broadcaster Nuala Carey called the former Miss Universe World ‘a wonderful person’.

She tweeted: ‘I’ve met her quite a few times. Always smiling & great company. A very positive person. I really admire her. Fair play @RozannaPurcell for being so honest about overcoming an eating disorder.’

Another viewer applauded her the ‘amazingly strong’ and ‘inspirationally raw’ discussion.

She admitted on social media that she had initially been offered to do the show two years ago but that she didn’t have the ‘headspace’ for it.

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