Irish fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer Charleen Murphy was involved in a terrifying assaulted on a night out in Dublin.

A 27-year-old man was arrested and subsequently charged with attacking the content creator in an incident which left her with a two-inch laceration on her face.

The popular content creator, who previously auditioned for Love Island, was allegedly attacked while she was having dinner in a lounge in the Grafton Capital Hotel on Stephen Street Lower.

The accused man was known to Charlene due to ‘previous online abuse’ and she appeared in court to give evidence against him.

She has 188K followers on Instagram and she had blocked him on social media but he had created fake accounts in an attempt to continue contacting her.

She had posted her location on social media and was dining with a friend at the time.

The bail hearing was told that he entered the lounge at 9.30pm and he proceeded to buy a drink.

Then within a minute of arriving he came up behind her and ‘punched her full force to the back of the head’.

The force of the punch caused Charleen, 23, to throw her face forward into her glass that she had been drinking from and she was left with a two-inch laceration on her face.

She was then taken to St James’s Hospital as she required stitches and she was discharged at 5am on Saturday morning.

He sent her a voice message on social media following the assault asking her ‘how’s the head?’

He was refused bail and was remanded in custody after the hearing.

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