Congratulations are in order for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds as they have welcomed their fourth child together.

The showbiz couple has been married for a decade and 2023 is going to be very exciting with their latest little arrival.

Rihanna wasn’t the only one making a baby announcement over Super Bowl weekend, as the Gossip Girl actress had fans speculating she had given birth because of the picture she posted.

She shared a cute snap with her Deadpool husband and his mum Tammy Reynolds where she was wearing a black tank top and cropped denim jeans that showcased her now non-existent baby bump.

‘Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023🥘 🍲 🥧 been busy,’ she wrote as she shared a series of dishes that had been whipped up.

Her fans were very inquisitive in the comments section about where her baby bump had gone all of a sudden.

‘Did I miss something. Where is the baby bump?’ and another screamed in text ‘WHEN DID YOU HAVE THE BABY?!’

‘She discreetly gives birth and then looks like this right afterward in a tight shirt. She’s good at this. 😂,’ another said.

Page Six officially confirmed that baby number four had in fact arrived for the couple.

The last post she shared on social media was of her at the gym.

Blake posted the picture on January 3 and she had a much bigger baby bump at that stage.

Blake and Ryan are already parents to three young daughters, James, 7, Inez, 6, and three-year-old Betty.

The Green Lantern actress had announced that she was expecting in the most glamorous way, by debuting her bump on the red carpet at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit in August 2022.

While the couple routinely has fans in fits of laughter with the silly pranks they pull on each other on social media, they are very private when it comes to their kids.

The Green Lantern actress had previously called out an Instagram user for the ‘disturbing’ picture they posted of her children.

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