Teacher Enoch Burke turned up at the High Court in Dublin on Monday looking to raise issues when his case wasn’t listed.

It’s the second time in the last four days that he’s done so, and Mr Justice Brian O’Moore had to direct gardaí to remove him for interrupting the rest of the day’s proceedings.

Mr Burke stood in the middle of the packed courtroom and interrupted the list asking if he could mention his case, but the judge refused on the grounds that he didn’t have a docket nor registered his application.

However Mr Burke disagreed that he actually needed one as he was only asking questions about the direction of the case, and he spoke over a barrister who was attempting to address the court on a different matter.

The judge warned him that if he kept interrupting, he would be removed and in the end that’s what happened.

As he was leaving, Mr Burke shouted ‘Why am I being treated differently from the school? That is not justice Judge, to treat somebody differently from the school.’.

The Burke family have stood firmly behind him since the whole episode began with Mr Burke’s suspension from his job teaching at Wilson’s Hospital School last August.

Monday was no different as his parents Sean and Martina and solicitor sister Ammi joined him in the court. Both women berated the judge during the incident.

Ammi Burke protested loudly, claiming lawyers for the school had been ‘listened to’ two weeks ago without the paperwork Mr Burke was required to present, but the judge told her the school ‘has never shown the level of disrespect shown by you.’

The judge called for gardaí to also remove Ammi from the court, but in the end she left of her own accord.

Enoch Burke’s mother Martina also berated the judge during the session, saying ‘It is absolutely corrupt. You are covering up your tracks and you are trying to push on the appeal. God knows about your wickedness.’

Despite being hit with a daily fine of €700 last month for contempt of court, Mr Burke has continued to show up at his former workplace every day, but has previously said he won’t be paying any fines.

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