You know what they say- it’s better late than never- and Miss Ireland Ivanna McMahon is embracing that very mantra.

The statuesque beauty from Clare wowed the judges of the pageant last August with an array of talents which included playing several instruments. She had the crowd on their feet with her rendition of Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine.

It seems that Ivanna has talents in many areas though, as she also finished a medical degree at the start of the pandemic, and spent much of lockdown working in a hospital.

She actually graduated from UCC in 2020 ‘a little early’ because of the pandemic, as she explains: ‘We were needed to get into the workforce as soon as possible, because of the strain the healthcare system was under.’

However, like countless others around the country Ivana was one of the many graduates who missed out on celebrating their momentous achievement due to Covid restrictions, but she’s now making up for lost time.

On social media Ivanna said: ‘It’s never too late to celebrate your achievements✨.’

‘Almost 3 years after my original graduation ceremony was cancelled due to covid I finally got to celebrate on campus with family & friends 🥂💫.’

Ivanna is taking a break from her medical career for a year to devote her time to her Miss Ireland duties, including doing some amazing charity work and fundraising.

Miss Ireland has raised more than €350,000 for various organisations across the country in recent years.

While the pageant has some in for some criticism of late, Ivanna is having none of it and is delighted to wear her crown.

She said: ‘I disagree completely with the idea that it objectifies women. It’s so much more than the glam photoshoots and fashion shows that people see.’

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‘Year in, year out you have accomplished and determined women coming forward to use their platform wisely and be a voice for those who may not have one, by highlighting issues and raising awareness in certain areas.’

‘I’ve been lucky, the response has been overwhelmingly positive by the public which I am delighted about.’

See more photos from Miss Ireland 2022 in the gallery below:

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