Saoirse Ronan is famously private about her relationship with fellow actor, Jack Lowden, but the Scotsman gushed over her in a recent interview following this week’s release of BBC drama, The Gold.

Speaking with i News, Lowden spoke about collaborating with Ronan on their upcoming project, The Outrun. The film, due out later this year, is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Amy Liptrott. Starring Ronan and with Lowden at the production helm, it will be the first time the couple have worked together since they met on the set of 2018’s Mary Queen of Scots

The film is produced by Arcade Pictures; a company set up by Lowden, Ronan and producer Dominic Norris. 

Ronan is a four-time Oscar nominee, so it comes as little surprise that Lowden is awe-struck by watching her work on the film.

“My first love is actors,” he told the website, “and when you’re given a Ferrari like her, it’s all about how you make everything good for the Ferrari to show off.

” Don’t make a Ferrari do what a Renault Clio does. It’s a dreadful analogy but they’re like gold dust, good actors.” 

He goes one further, opening the door on what it’s like living with “one of the best actors in the world”.

Having someone on call to run lines is no doubt every actor’s dream, one that is his reality – even if it means upstaging one another.

“Sometimes she gives a better performance than me off-camera and you’re a bit like, ‘Can you, erm, not?’,” Lowden said. 

Unlike most famous couples in the industry, the pair maintain a low profile, and there is rarely much of an insight given to the public. According to Lowden, that is not something they take for granted.

“We’re hugely appreciative of the level of scrutiny we have,” he told i News. 

“We’re treated well but we don’t seek it either. People have got it far worse. It’s also obviously of our own making.”

And despite the occasionally prying eyes, it seems Lowden is happy with his lot.

“Whatever – as long as we’ve got each other, we’re alright with any of that,” he said.

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