Getting ‘baby Botox’ has been doing the rounds for the last few years, the idea that getting injectables early will stave off forehead wrinkles for the long term.

There is some truth in this, freezing the forehead muscles before lines have a chance to settle in will help keep the skin smoother-looking for longer as long as you maintain the procedure with regular sessions.

Getting Botox after the wrinkle pony has bolted will also soften lines but it may not completely eradicate them, but not all is lost.

There is new thinking around forehead wrinkles and how to deal with them without resorting to regular jabs. First, we need to understand that there are two types of forehead wrinkles and this will help us deal with the situation regardless of whether you are 20, 30, or beyond.

Forehead Wrinkles

The two types of wrinkles we see above our brows are dynamic and static. The first are the lines that appear when we make facial expressions, those shocked faces when someone new has exited the villa or we win the lotto, that type of thing.

Static lines are the ones that have ‘settled in’, these have formed themselves from sun exposure, lifestyle, facial expressions over time, and collagen loss.

People who are very expressive might notice their forehead lines earlier but there is no hard rule as everyone ages differently. And there’s no compulsion for anyone to have injectables, each to their own when it comes to that. But if you do want to work on any existing lines, here’s the best way to go about it.

Effective Skincare

Naturally, if forehead lines are exacerbated by sun exposure, begin by using SPF every day to stop that damage, an antioxidant serum will also help by blocking pollution and environmental damage.

But, really there is just one ingredient you need and that’s retinol. The gold standard in anti-ageing, it boosts collagen production, smooths lines, and brightens the skin as it regenerates and becomes wrinkle-free once more.

It can be used alongside Botox, which will erase the dynamic wrinkles and stop them from becoming deeper and settling in. Let Botox work immediately on forehead wrinkles, your retinol will smooth away the static wrinkles while also softening the effects of those dynamic lines as they develop. Even if you don’t opt for Botox, retinol will have an overall effect on all your forehead wrinkles and make them look much less obvious. Prices for retinol start at €12, it really is an easy solution for smoother skin.

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