What’s the worst thing you could wake up to other than your screaming child? How about a massive portrait of you and your partner hanging above your bed?

That’s exactly what Ronan Keating and his wife Storm have going on in their bedroom. Imagine waking up to a 5-foot-tall picture of you and your other half wrapped up in each other’s arms.

The idea is sweet but let’s be fair opening your eyes and the first thing you see is that from an underside angle?

Well, you’d be wide awake that’s for sure!

It’s an interesting choice of photograph to hang on the wall, they both appear to be laughing, like really laughing as both of their mouths are open as Ronan seems to wrestle his wife into a hug. Oh yeah and he’s shirtless while doing so.

I’ll just set the scene really quick, you’ve woken up from a nightmare, the beads of sweat still slick on your forehead, you’re panting and scrambling for the light switch and boom when light floods the room you see this to open-mouthed figures above your head.

You’d let out one almighty scream, and everyone in your house would be wide awake along with you. And maybe even the neighbours.

This detail of the couple’s room was revealed in what was meant to be the singer’s Valentine’s Day tribute to his either half. While there are the usual family pictures and cheesy candids there was one that showed a massive black-and-white picture.

Ronan captioned the collection of snaps in his usual sappy way writing: ‘It’s the day for it and my heart is full thanx to you my beautiful wife. I am so grateful for the man I am because of you. Happy Valentine’s baby. X’

The couple seems to be in a who can make the most cringy post on V-Day when Storm reposted a picture from Ronan’s story from their date night he told he it was ‘Not acceptable’ and that she had to ‘Do your own post and show your love for me.’

Well that she did, by posting a snap of Ronan pulling a face with his eyes crossed and teeth sticking out. She wrote in the corner ‘My Valentine – Love you long time.’

Someone pass us a bucket.

See more pics of Ronan and his family below:

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