There’s cosy living and then there’s this house in Rathmines. If you’ve ever fancied frying an egg while being wedged in a corner and maybe burning your hip off the impossibly close radiator, this might be the house for you.

Now there’s nothing wrong with downsizing or only wanting a small space to live in, your home is all about personal preference, it’s the price tag attached to this build that really has people scratching their heads.

The cottage, or to be quite honest and more accurate, the shoe box has hit the market with an asking price of €350,000. But what do you get for this amount of money?

Well, we’re so glad you asked, this semi-detached home comes with a small sitting room-dining area which to be fair, looks quite charming at first glance. A bit dated but nothing some attention and paint couldn’t change.

The real issues start when you look at the kitchen or lack thereof. It’s a bit of a disaster if we’re honest, marketed as a kitchenette which just doesn’t seem accurate, and the layout is the stuff of nightmares.

The cooker is tucked into a corner, a dark one at that, in a hallway right beside a radiator. Really not ideal when you’re already standing over something hot and now you have hot metal pressed against your hip.

So let’s say you get burned while making your dinner, and there’s a sink that seems to be nowhere near your cooker but then again the house is small so it couldn’t be that far away right?

Oh and don’t worry there’s another dark corner because who can ever get enough of those that play home to your fridge, the perfect place.

The bedroom is nothing special either, besides the fact it’s the only one in the property. Again it looks dated and it’s anything but spacious but it could be made work.

Just don’t roll too far over in bed a night, you may just smack your face off the wardrobe or if you turn the other way, cook yourself against the radiator pressed against the bed. They had a real thing for rads in the wrong places here.

On the bright side, the bathroom looks fine, it has a decent-sized shower and all so nothing to complain about there but the garden…well it wouldn’t be fit for hosting guests any time soon.

All joking aside, we all have to get into the property ladder somehow, with some love and attention this space could become someone’s dream home, it’s the price tag for what you get that has people talking.

With only 27.87 square meters to its name, which works out as roughly €12,500 per square meter, you’d want a bit more or at least something that has a stove and the kitchen sink in the same room.

When the house inevitably hit social media feeds around the country people were understandably flabbergasted, with one commenting ‘How is this even legal?’

Another shocked viewer penned: ‘It’s worth €180k TOPS at €600 psf and that’s being VERY generous!’ while a third chimed in joking ‘Quick lick of paint to the front and then back on the market for 400k.’

6 Gulistan Cottages, Rathmines, Dublin 6, Co Dublin is available to purchase with an asking price of €350,000.

See more pics of the property below:

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