He’s got an Oscar nomination in the bag and Colin Farrell calling him out on stage but Barry Keoghan is in no mood to take a break as he is set to tackle the role of Billy the Kid in a new retelling of his story.

The movie will see the Dubliner reunite with one of the directors that helped him get his name out into the world, Bart Layton, the man behind American Animals.

Though the tale of the young outlaw has been told in many different ways over the years Barry said to Deadline that he wanted to ‘humanise’ the man who ultimately become a character over time.

In this telling of the life of Henry McCarthy a.k.a the man who gives his name to the title of the film, Barry will be leaning into the New Yorker’s Irish heritage.

At age 15, Billy the Kid’s mother died and his stepfather abandoned him. Alone in the world, Billy committed his first robbery the year after and by the tender age of 18 he was wanted for murder in Arizona after an altercation went south.

In his short time on earth, Billy completely spiralled out of control until he met his demise at the hand of Sheriff Pat Gareth who shot him to death when he was 21.

Barry said that he read about the famous character when he was a child but it was when he agreed to sign onto the project and started researching that he realised there was so much more to the story.

After growing up in foster care following the death of his mother when he was 12, the actor found he had an understanding of what the young Billy must have gone through.

‘I felt I related to Billy in the sense of him being a mummy’s boy, but obviously, I took a different path, turning my circumstances into something positive rather than rebelling against them,’ he explained.

‘Nevertheless, there’s a soul and a vulnerability to Billy that I think is important to bring, to understand him as a real person rather than the myth he has become.’

Obviously we’re all excited to see Barry on screen again but unfortunately, there’s a bit of a wait ahead of us as filming won’t start until 2024.

Looks like we’ll have to be patient for the time being!

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