Sallyanne Parker Clarke has shared a beautiful memory of her late son Andrew with a picture of a Valentine’s Day card he sent to her as a child.

Andrew, who would now be 26, died tragically in 2012 and over a decade later his passing is still excruciating for the family.

Still, the restauranteur will always have precious reminders of her son including the Valentine’s Day card that he presented her with when he was around ten years old.

The cute card is illustrated with a teddy bear clutching a basket of love hearts and with the slogan ‘To The One I Love.’

The inside message reads: ‘Because you are so wonderful, each day the whole year through, my Valentine’s message is simply I love you.’

Written in Andrew’s childlike handwriting are the words: ‘To Mom, love Andrew’ with a series of kisses.

Sallyanne unearthed the card at home and decided to share the lovely moment with her followers writing, ‘look what I found from 2006 last Sunday. From my darling Andrew’ with a stream of broken love heart emojis.

Her poignant post touched her followers. One person replied to say: ‘Oh what a beautiful memory to have. So lovely. He made a big impact during his time here.’

‘Unconditional love from your boy… such a special keepsake,’ remarked someone else. A third person wrote: ‘This is so special, from the most gorgeous boy.’

Sallyanne’s post comes months after she marked the tenth anniversary of Andrew’s passing.

She opened up about her ongoing grief as she called for an end to the stigma surrounding suicide telling The Irish Independent: ‘Six weeks later, everybody goes back to their own lives.

‘And you’re still in the depth of grief – you still have this horrific loss that you don’t know how you’re going to get over. That six weeks, six months, even later, that’s when you need people.’

Sallyanne and her husband Derry have been keeping themselves busy in recent weeks with their latest venture, taking over the restaurant at The Club at Goffs.

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