Barbra Streisand claims she lost millions because of Brexit: ‘It ruined me!’

Barbra Streisand was “ruined” by Brexit. The 81-year-old music icon had purchased a Modigliani painting but claimed that once Britain decided to leave the European Union in 2016, the value of the artwork dropped because of how the pound was affected by the result of the referendum. She told The […]

Gordon Brown advocates for rejoining EU while backing Starmer’s Brexit approach

Gordon Brown has reiterated his stance on Britain rejoining the European Union while endorsing Sir Keir Starmer’s pragmatic approach to handling Brexit. The former Labour prime minister told an audience in London that many people “feel very frustrated” the UK is outside the EU. He pointed out that Brexit has already […]

‘Easier said than done’: Micheál Martin on UK Labour leader’s comments about reopening Brexit deal

TÁNAISTE MICHEÁL MARTIN has responded to Keir Starmer’s pledge to reopen the UK’s Brexit deal by saying that although it would be a move welcomed by Ireland, doing so would be “easier said than done”. Speaking to reporters today in New York, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin said: […]